Who is jonathan lawson from colonial penn? (2023)

Who is Jonathan on the Colonial Penn commercial?

Jonathan Lawson, an insurance agent for over 15 years, reminds you of the three P's of having insurance on a fixed budget: price, price and price. He says that with Colonial Penn, people with all kinds of medical history can get coverage options starting at just $9.95 a month.

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Was Jonathan Lawson in the military?

Jonathan Lawson was born June 3rd 1980 in Dunedin, Florida. He graduated high school in 1998 and spent the following 14 years as an infantryman in the Marine Corps where he not only served in combat, but also was a Master Instructor at the Marine Corps University.

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How long has Jonathan Lawson been doing Colonial Penn commercials?

Since 2018, Colonial Penn sales manager Jonathan Lawson has appeared as a pitchman in the commercials while Trebek was unavailable at times due to health issues.

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Who is the black actor on the Colonial Penn commercial?

Dennis Haysbert
BornDennis Dexter Haysbert June 2, 1954 San Mateo, California, U.S.
Years active1978–present
Spouse(s)Elena Simms ​ ​ ( m. 1980; div. 1984)​ Lynn Griffith ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 2001)​
2 more rows

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Who is the actor in the senior life insurance commercial?

Matt McCoy (actor)

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Is Jonathan Lawson a Colonial Penn employee?

Jonathan Lawson is the actor currently appearing in the Colonial Penn TV commercials. He promotes the guaranteed acceptance $9.95 plan for seniors. He is an actual employee of Colonial Penn and not just a paid endorser like Alex Trebek was.

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What show did Jonathan Lawson play on?

Jonathan Lawson is known for Play for Today (1970).

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How much is Jonathan Lawson worth from Colonial Penn?

Based on what you can find online he has a net worth of $15-$17 million dollars. He also spent time in the marine corps serving his country.

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Does Jonathan Adams do commercials?

In addition to his on-camera experience, Jonathan continues to have a flourishing voice-over career which includes narration, animation, radio and television commercials.

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Who are the three guys in the State Farm commercial?

Aaron Rodgers, Patric Mahomes and Chris Paul are the usual celebrities in State Farm commercials, but the rising star of Jenny Taft has landed her in one of the insurance giant's commercials.

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Who is the other guy in the State Farm commercial?

Kevin Miles(XVIII)

Kevin Miles is an actor, known for S.W.A.T (2017), Criminal Minds (2019) and Innocent (2010). He is also known as Jake, from State Farm.

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