Should I talk to my partner about erectile dysfunction? (2023)

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Should you talk about ED with your partner?

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), it's important to get past your awkward feelings and talk things over with your partner. ED is a problem with many solutions -- and it starts with the two of you. Look for a way to move beyond the stress and work together.

How do I deal with my partner's erectile dysfunction?

Start with these strategies.
  1. Learn as much as you can about ED. ...
  2. Let them know how much you value them. ...
  3. Talk about how you feel. ...
  4. Stay positive. ...
  5. Adjust your sex life. ...
  6. Offer to go with them to the doctor. ...
  7. Remind them to let their doctor know how they're doing. ...
  8. Keep up the other intimate parts of your relationship.

Can a relationship survive erectile dysfunction?

It's possible to have a fulfilling sexual relationship even if you can't maintain an erection. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medications or other treatments to treat ED. You may have underlying health conditions that need to be addressed.

Should I tell my girlfriend about my erectile dysfunction?

When erectile dysfunction happens, it's hard to ignore. Don't pretend it isn't there -- instead, discuss it openly with your partner so that you can work towards a solution together. Don't blame your partner for their erectile dysfunction. ED is a medical issue, not a sign of weakness or lack of sexual attraction.

How does a wife deal with erectile dysfunction?

Adopt a healthy lifestyle together.

One of the best ways to cope with erectile dysfunction is to make positive lifestyle changes. Simple measures like quitting smoking, finding ways to reduce stress, and increasing exercise are good for both of you and are great for decreasing erectile dysfunction symptoms.

How does a man with ED satisfy his wife?

"Even the perineum and anus, the nipples and other erogenous zones around the body." Mr Tilley says kissing, caressing, genital play and oral stimulation can all be experienced as pleasurable whether there is an erection or not.

How to be intimate with erectile dysfunction in a relationship?

Erectile Dysfunction: Maintaining Intimacy
  1. Talk about your feelings: Sharing in this way can make the two of you closer. ...
  2. Do things together: Hobbies, sports, volunteering, or other shared interests can bring you two closer together. ...
  3. Make time to be alone together: Share a bath or a candlelight dinner.

Should I marry a guy with ED?

Absolutely - but only after being honest about it. Most ED can be treated in a variety of ways. Even without that, a couple can have a mutually enjoyable sex life without the man ever having an erection.

Does erectile dysfunction just go away?

In summary. So erectile dysfunction can be cured, but it depends on the cause. Some causes of ED are easier to “cure” than others. But, with the right diagnosis, support, and treatment, it's possible for ED to go away without the need for ED medications like Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil).

Is erectile dysfunction a red flag?

Even if medication appears to work it remains important to provide continued and appropriate lifestyle advice as necessary. In summary, the onset of ED could be regarded as a "red flag" just by itself and should prompt a careful and systematic review of its possible systemic origin.

Is it embarrassing when a guy can t get hard?

When you have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection with a partner, it can be embarrassing – especially if it is happening for the first time. When something like this happens, it is easy to close yourself off and wallow in your worry and self-pity.

How a woman feels about erectile dysfunction?

The brunt of response reflect women's tendencies to take erectile dysfunction personally: nearly 23% said they believed the ED had something to do with them, while more than 19% cited feelings that their partners might not find them attractive, and nearly 14% said their confidence suffered.

Do men get embarrassed about ED?

So absolutely, it makes sense that a man would experience feelings of embarrassment, potentially some feelings of shame around having erectile dysfunction, and that certainly can be more pronounced if he's having erectile dysfunction in a partnered setting at the same time.

How do you survive ED in a marriage?

Putting yourself in your partner's shoes is a great first step to tackling ED as a couple. Many men with ED feel they've lost self-confidence inside and outside of the bedroom, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Acknowledge your partner's struggle and be supportive.

How do you make someone with erectile dysfunction hard?

Thirteen ways to improve sexual performance
  1. Focus on foreplay. Share on Pinterest Simple lifestyle changes can help to improve erectile dysfunction and reduce anxiety. ...
  2. Try the start-stop technique. ...
  3. Try something new. ...
  4. Manage anxiety and stress. ...
  5. Quit smoking. ...
  6. Open communication. ...
  7. Address relationship issues. ...
  8. Get more exercise.

Is erectile dysfunction a ground for divorce?

"Impotence is inability to consummate the marriage and to be a ground for nullity, such inability roust exist at the time of marriage (Note one) and continue to exist at the date of the petition. Sterility unaccompanied by impotence is no ground for nullity.

Is ED caused by cheating?

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of infidelity but could also be a result of physical or phycological factors. It's important to encourage your partner to get help by either a therapist or doctor. If Infidelity occurs this doesn't always mean that there is something wrong in the relationship.

How does ED affect a man emotionally?

Common feelings among partners of men with ED are a complex mixture of rejection, guilt, feeling unloved, shame and frustration. Coming to terms with the problem and trying to understand why it occurred is undoubtedly difficult.

Can erectile dysfunction be mental?

Although most causes of erectile dysfunction are physical in nature, many cases of ED develop as a result of emotional or psychological issues. When erectile dysfunction is related to a psychological problem, it's referred to as psychological ED, or psychological impotence.

What is the fastest way to cure ED?

Using oral medication

You can get quick results through oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, or Stendra. These pills boost blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal, making it possible to achieve an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Why do I keep losing my erection?

Erectile dysfunction is common, and there are many things you can do to manage it. A variety of factors may be causing your ED. These include your lifestyle, alcohol intake, some medications, diseases, disorders, and psychological stress. Depending on the cause, several effective strategies and treatments exist.

What is the root cause of erectile dysfunction?

Diabetes, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, heavy metal poisoning, spinal cord and nerve injuries, and nerve damage from pelvic operations can cause erectile dysfunction.

What emotions can cause ED?

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex due to psychological factors. These factors can include stress and anxiety, depression, guilt, low self-esteem, or relationship concerns. About 40% of erectile dysfunction (ED) cases are considered psychogenic.

What is the average age for erectile dysfunction starts?

About a quarter of men said that erection problems started between age 50 and 59, and 40% said they started between age 60 and 69. Having chronic diseases and other risk factors matter with respect to ED, too.

Is erectile dysfunction normal at 35?

Many people think of erectile problems as an older adult's issue, but they can affect younger males, as well. According to some estimates, ED affects 8% of males aged 20–29 years and 11% of those aged 30–39 years. The data also suggest that the number of people under 40 seeking medical attention for ED is increasing.

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction in 30s?

For men in their 20s and 30s, common medical or physical causes include obesity, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, medication side effects, neurological disease, Peyronie's disease (abnormal curvature of the penis) and penile injury.

Should you tell your partner if you use Viagra?

We encourage men to tell their partners because this can take away stress. We understand it is not always easy to talk about these things, particularly for younger men or where there is a new partner. It is clear that men who share with their partners can see the benefits.”

How do I talk to my new partner about erectile dysfunction?

If you do decide to talk about it, these tips might be useful.
  1. Pick the right place. Time and space are often needed to process important or new information. ...
  2. Choose your words carefully. ...
  3. Share the information you want to. ...
  4. Reassure them. ...
  5. Let them know you have it under control. ...
  6. Tell them how you feel.
Dec 10, 2018

Why is my boyfriend having erectile problems?

There are psychosocial factors that contribute to ED, such as stresses at work and home, financial issues, deadlines, moving and depression. There are also medical reasons, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or low thyroid hormone levels.

Can Viagra make you bigger?

Viagra does not make your penis bigger. No pill does. It can help you get and maintain a firmer erection that lasts longer, though. To put it another way, sildenafil and other ED medications make the most of what you've got.

How can I stimulate my husband with ED?

7 strategies for partnering up with ED
  1. Discuss the issue. ...
  2. Find the right time to talk. ...
  3. Reassure your partner that he is not alone. ...
  4. Learn about the condition and treatment options. ...
  5. Offer to go with your partner to his doctor's appointment. ...
  6. Help your partner help himself. ...
  7. Express your love in many ways.
Nov 19, 2020

How does a man with erectile dysfunction behave?

A man who is experiencing impotence often feels embarrassed and guilty that he finds it difficult to talk about the situation, even with his partner. Instead, he may manipulate events so that he avoids situations in which sexual intercourse may occur.


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