What Jonathan Lawson Of Colonial Penn Doesn't Tell You (2023)

What Jonathan Lawson Of Colonial Penn Doesn't Tell You (1)

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Jonathan Lawson is the current leading pitchman in the Colonial Penn commercials since Alex Trebek’s passing.

Despite his charming demeanor, the fact remains that Colonial Penn’s $9.95 per month plan provides a dismal amount of coverage and unnecessarily subjects all policyholders to a two-year waiting period.

Get the details of what Jonathan Lawson is promoting and how you can find much better final expense life insurance from other insurance companies.

Topics covered in this article

  • Who is Jonathan Lawson?
  • The $9.95 plan details
  • How units work
  • Should you buy the 995 plan?
  • Tips to find the best coverage
  • The bottom line
  • FAQs
    • Does he really work for Colonial Penn?
    • Is he just an actor?
    • What is his salary?
    • How old is he?

Who Is Jonathan Lawson Of Colonial Penn?

Jonathan Lawson is the actor currently appearing in the Colonial Penn TV commercials. He promotes the guaranteed acceptance $9.95 plan for seniors.

He is an actual employee of Colonial Penn and not just a paid endorser like Alex Trebek was.

His LinkedIn profile shows that his official title is “Director of Quality Assurance & Escalations.”

He previously served in the Marine Corps for 14 years as Master Instructor.

How Does The Johnathan Lawson Colonial Penn Life Insurance Plan Work?

Jonathan Lawson promotes the $9.95 per unit plan from Colonial Penn.

It’s a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance policy that does not require you to answer health questions.

Regardless of your medical history, you cannot be denied for this coverage.

Since it’s a whole life final expense policy, the premiums will never increase, and the policy won’t expire due to age.

Additionally, the coverage won’t decrease in value, and it will build cash value.


The Colonial Penn guaranteed acceptance $995 plan has a two-year waiting period. If you die during the waiting period, your beneficiaries will only receive a refund of the premiums and a small interest amount. You must live more than two years before Colonial Penn will pay out the full death benefit.

The $9.95 plan sounds very affordable on the surface. But is it?

(Video) 2022 Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review ($9.95 Plan)

Most people fail to consider just how much coverage you get for $9.95 per month.

$9.95 Plan Product Details
Policy TypeWhole Life Insurance
Policy DurationLifetime
Fixed PremiumsYes
Underwriting ClassGuaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Health QuestionsNo
Medical ExamNo
2-Year Waiting PeriodYes
States AvailableAll States
New Applicant Age Range50-85
(50-75 in New York)
Coverage Options1-15 Units
Cost$9.95 Per Unit
(regardless of age or gender)

Coverage Sold By The “Unit”

Colonial Penn sells their senior funeral insurance by the unit. A unit corresponds to how much life insurance a person gets based on age and gender.

No matter your gender or age, everyone still only pays $9.95 per month. What adjusts is how much coverage each unit provides.

Once you look at a Colonial Penn rate chart, you quickly realize that Colonial Penn’s guaranteed acceptance plan is very expensive relative to what other life insurance companies charge.

For example, a 53-year-old male would only get $1,621 in coverage for that $9.95 per month (and it has a waiting period of two years).

The older you are, the less coverage that a single unit provides.

Below is a chart that outlines exactly how much coverage each unit provides.

AGE1 Male Unit ($9.95)1 Female Unit ($9.95)
50$1,786 in coverage$2,083 in coverage
51$1,732 in coverage$2,068 in coverage
52$1,676 in coverage$2,022 in coverage
53$1,621 in coverage$1,973 in coverage
54$1,562 in coverage$1,929 in coverage
55$1,506 in coverage$1,884 in coverage
56$1,452 in coverage$1,838 in coverage
57$1,392 in coverage$1,786 in coverage
58$1,333 in coverage$1,732 in coverage
59$1,273 in coverage$1,676 in coverage
60$1,214 in coverage$1,621 in coverage
61$1,157 in coverage$1,562 in coverage
62$1,099 in coverage$1,506 in coverage
63$1,043 in coverage$1,452 in coverage
64$987 in coverage$1,392 in coverage
65$932 in coverage$1,333 in coverage
66$880 in coverage$1,273 in coverage
67$834 in coverage$1,214 in coverage
68$792 in coverage$1,157 in coverage
69$753 in coverage$1,099 in coverage
70$717 in coverage$1,043 in coverage
71$683 in coverage$987 in coverage
72$652 in coverage$932 in coverage
73$620 in coverage$880 in coverage
74$589 in coverage$834 in coverage
75$560 in coverage$792 in coverage
76$531 in coverage$753 in coverage
77$503 in coverage$717 in coverage
78$477 in coverage$683 in coverage
79$450 in coverage$652 in coverage
80$426 in coverage$620 in coverage
81$424 in coverage$589 in coverage
82$423 in coverage$560 in coverage
83$421 in coverage$531 in coverage
84$420 in coverage$503 in coverage
85$418 in coverage$477 in coverage

Should You Buy Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Coverage?

The sad reality for Colonial Penn is that their coverage is far more expensive than other insurance providers.

Many other life insurance options yield much more coverage for the dollar spent.

Furthermore, unlike with Jonathan Lawson of Colonial Penn, most people can secure life insurance with no waiting period elsewhere.

That statement is true even if you want final expense insurance with pre-existing conditions.

Use our insurance quotes tool to compare Colonial Penn’s coverage to that of other insurance products in your state.

Then you will see how much more coverage you can get from different insurance companies.

Ultimately, when you analyze all the pros and cons of Colonial Penn life insurance, it’s clear they are not a good buy.

Tips To Finding The Best Final Expense Policy

For starters, whether it’s Alex Trebek’s life insurance or Jonhathan Lawson, don’t let actors persuade you into buying overpriced burial insurance.

Instead, give your money to a company that will give you and your family much more bang for your buck.

When trying to buy life insurance, you have two choices:

  • Buy directly from an insurance company (Example: Globe Life).
  • Buy through a licensed agency that represents one or more insurers.

First, when you try to buy directly from a carrier, you limit yourself to only what they have to offer. State Farm is one such example.

If you ever buy from a State Farm agent, they cannot and will not suggest coverage from another provider.

You’re out of luck if you aren’t pleased with their offering.

However, if you work with an agency, the opposite is true.

To find the best final expense life insurance policy, the best thing to do is to work with an independent agency that can compare multiple providers on your behalf.

Independent agencies (aka “brokers”) partner with multiple life insurance companies, so they have the freedom to shop around for their clients.


Working with an independent agency is free, and the insurance they assist you in buying does not cost more because you used a “middleman.”

(Video) Colonial Penn Whole Life Insurance - My Review

Independent licensed agents can assess your situation and then determine which life insurance companies will offer you the best burial policy.

It’s like having a personal shopper whose sole goal is to find you the lowest-cost burial insurance policy.

Whether you want life insurance on mom or dad or yourself, find a reputable agency and let them help you.

That’s especially true if you’re looking for life insurance after age 80. Most products offered directly by insurers rarely accept applicants older than 80 years old.

The Bottom Line

1.0/5 rating

Colonial Penn earned 1 star out of 5 for overall performance. Choice Mutual’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula considers consumer experience, complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and financial strength ratings.

Learn about our rating methodology.



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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, yes, Jonathan Lawson does indeed work for Colonial Penn. Per his LinkedIn profile, he works for CNO Financial Group, the parent company that owns Colonial Penn. His official title is “Director of Quality Assurance & Escalations.”

No, Jonathan Lawson is not a paid actor in the Colonial Penn commercials. He is an actual employee featured in their commercials since losing Alex Trebek.

Jonathan Lawson’s salary is unknown. He works for Colonial Penn as the Director of Quality Assurance & Escalations. In addition, they compensate him for appearing in their commercials. However, precisely how much he gets paid or his net worth is entirely unknown.

Jonathan Lawson was born June 3, 1980, making him 42 as of 12/05/2022. After graduating high school at 18, he went to college, served in the military, and now works for Colonial Penn.

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