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Like many other overly-ambitious women who had earned a living piggybacked off the affluence of others, Jean Muggli though not profoundly recognized, had made the most out of her marriage to Michael Strahan. First, for the fame, then the wealth – as widespread speculations would entail.

Though her marriage to “Good Morning America” co-host and former NFL player Michael Strahan had ended on bad terms, Jean Muggli, entrepreneur and CEO of a cosmetic store in New York, reaped the most out of it, with her union giving her a desirable level of popularity, Jean, while using her relationship as a conduit was also able to funnel in income.

Of course, the most any would tell of Jean Muggli is entrenched in the story encircling her divorce from Michael Strahan and the aftermath – but there is more beneath than what the eyes can see. The true identity of Jean Muggli is more deeply rooted in the shards of speculations painted by public spectators. Her divergent approach to life has sustained her image in the spotlight following her separation from her husband, so she would occasionally appear on public television, but not for the reasons you would think.

NameJean Muggli
Age58years old
Date of Birth30th November 1964
Place of BirthCarson, North Dakota
Marital statusdivorced
Ex-spouseMichael Strahan
ChildrenSophie and Isabella
SiblingsDavid Muggli,
Scott, Carolee Muggli,
Timothy Muggli,
Denise Muggli.
ProfessionHouse wife, entrepreneur
Net worth$15 million

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Early Life and Education

Jean Muggli was born on 30th November 1964 in Carson, North Dakota, to a now-retired military man, Anthony Alphonse Muggli, and his wife, Mary Muggli, a housewife. Anthony and Mary had five other children after Jean named; David, Scott, Carolee, Timothy, and Denise.

She is an American citizen of white genealogy, and her orientation to living takes an unorthodox approach; while not conforming to what is deemed societally as a norm, Jean grew up as a pansexual.

She became famous after getting hitched to Michael Strahan, who was at the time a well-recognized NFL player who waved the flag of the New York Giants for 15 years as a defensive player.

Jean attended a local school in New York for her elementary level of education and eventually graduated from a local university after obtaining a degree.


Not much can be said about the career of Jean Muggli except that she is the manager of a cosmetics store in New York. Her ex-husband, however, has had a roller-coaster of an experience while riding through the ridges of life. From being an all-star NFL Player for 15 years to an anchor man for “good morning America”; – a befitting endeavor for his retiring stage.

Marriage and Controversy

Marriage, they say, is like walking through a park – Jurassic Park. While such might be a mere aphorism, Jean Muggli, and Michael Strahan would see it differently, attesting to the realism of a struggling relationship as their marriage stretched through a seemingly tumultuous reality.

They had crossed paths in a spa in Manhattan in 1994, and after a brief affair, they tied the Knot in 1999. Their marriage was held in California, and it was the heart of events that day as it was as glamorous as ever. Five years after their marriage, their union gave birth to Isabelle and Sophia, maternal twins born in 2004.

Their divorce came two years later, in 2005 – filed by Strahan. In response, Jean Muggli made claims of Michael’s promiscuity, abuse, and slander. She had accused him of cheating on several occasions, verbal and emotional abuse, breaking of marriage vows, gross disinterest, and for, most of all, the irritable act of filming her sister while she was dressing. All this was enough to incriminate Michael and favor her during their divorce.

Their divorce was ultimately finalized on 20th July 2006, and it ran down history as one of the most expensive divorces. Michael Strahan was made to pay a total of 15 million USD to Jean Mugglli as alimony and $18,000 monthly payments forchild support. The court, however, annulled its verdict and further reduced the child support payments to $13,000. Initially, Michael had sort to obtain sole custody of his daughters, but such was crossed out, and an agreement was made in 2020 on neutral grounds for shared custody.

But his marriage to Muggli was his first; Strahan had a union with Wanda Hutchins in 1992, and their marriage only lasted till 1996, after which their divorce followed. Strahan had two children with Wanda, namely Tanita and Michael Jr. Tanita would later become a designer after obtaining a degree in designing and merchandising, while Michael jr would get a degree in psychology.

After Jean’s divorce from Michael, the pair remained single. Jean never remarried; however, she went into a same-sex relationship with Marianne Ayer, where she proved to be compulsively aggressive and manipulative.

Jean would violate Marianne, ensuring all disorderly conduct like coercion, forcibly touching, harassment, and grand theft. Her attitude towards her partners began assuming a pattern of innate characteristics. While many might want to say otherwise, Strahan had attested to the alarming abuse his ex-wife had rendered on his daughters. Following 2020, Strahan affirmed that his daughters were unhappy staying with their mother as she physically and emotionally abused them. Are these traces of grand cognitive disorderliness? or borderline responses to fear of crippling loneliness?

Below is a video of Jean being arrested by the cops for violating Ayer’s order for protection against her.

In a legal document, Marianne claimed that her harassment came after her separation from Jean. She pointed out that Jean had once threatened her with her son’s plastic gun claiming that the gun was real. Marianne also attested that Jean was vile to her pets and would go on kicking and shoving her German Shepard.

Ex-Husband – Michael Strahan

Truth About Michael Strahan's Ex-wife, Jean Muggli - Thrill NG (1)

Michael Strahan was born on November 21, 1971, and is 51years old. He is a successful TV personality and journalist and was an NFL player – the career that earned him a listing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His achievements in the media as a TV show host earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He is one of the executive producers and self-actors of the hit TV series Coach Prime. After he took a break from GMA, he revealed to his fans that Coach Prime was renewed for the second season by Amazon Prime Video.

Michael entered into a discreet relationship with Kayla Quick after his previous relationship with Jean. They first met at a bar in Port Charlotte where Kayla worked as a waitress. Although they are currently together, they have chosen to keep their relationship private and away from the media’s attention. Their first public appearance together was at the after-party for the 2015 Super Bowl.

Height and Measurement

Muggli stands at a total of 5ft 9 inches and weighs a total of 57 kg, and she is blonde with hazel-colored eyes and a strong sense of fashion.

Net Worth

Jean Muggli, following her divorce, had accumulated a lot in value. The total income she generates from her daily business is unknown; however, she is valued at $15 million. She lives in New York, shouldering the responsibility of taking there of her children with Michael.

On the other side, her husband lives large.

Michael is wealthy, wealthy enough to make $21 million per year. He made $76,335,500 during his career at NFL, which ended in 20008 after his retirement. He has signed deals with famous big media corporations such as Fox, where he hosts SuperBowlLVII, and ABC News, where he hosts GMA (Good Morning America), earning a $17 million salary. He also runs a skin care company named Michael Strahan Daily Defense.

Aside from all these many money inflow sources, Michael owns a clothing brand, Men’s MSX. His net worth is about $65 million.

Check out a similar story of Mayci Neeley, but in the case, it is reversed, the man is the abuser.


What happened between Michael Strahan and his ex wife? ›

Then in 2020, Michael accused Jean of engaging in a “pattern of abusive conduct” towards the twins. He claimed she was physically and emotionally abusive. The former New York Giants player also claimed she failed to bring them to court-ordered therapy sessions, volleyball games and horseback-riding events.

Who is the mother of Strahan twins? ›

Strahan had his two older children, Tanita and Michael Jr., with his first wife Wanda Hutchins, before welcoming twins Isabella and Sophia with his second wife, Jean Muggli.

What did Jean Muggli do? ›

The police arrested Jean in New York in June 2021 for violating her ex-girlfriend's protection order. Besides violating the protection order, Marianne accused her of several crimes, including disorderly conduct, forcible touching and coercion, harassment, and grand larceny.

Who was Michael Strahan first wife? ›

Michael Strahan has been married twice, both ending in divorce. He married his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, in 1992, but they divorced four years later in 1996. That same year, Strahan married his second wife, Jean Muggli, but the two were divorced by 2006.

Who does Michael Strahan have a relationship with? ›

Michael Strahan's girlfriend, Kayla Quick, and daughter, Isabella, were front and center in a new project together - and they look fabulous in the video below. The model teamed up with one of the Good Morning America star's 18-year-old twins to feature in an ad for his coconut water, 100 Coconuts.

Who is Michael Strahan in love with? ›

The star and his partner, Kayla Quick, have reportedly been together since 2015, though they have kept their relationship largely out of the spotlight.

How many biological children does Michael Strahan have? ›

As well as his four biological children, Michael is also a doting stepfather to his first wife, Wanda's son Dorian, who often features in family photos with the rest of Michael's children.

Who does Michael Strahan have children with? ›

How many wives has Michael Strahan had? ›

Renowned TV personality and former NFL player Michael Strahan has been married twice, once in 1992 to interior designer Wanda Hutchins and then again in 1996, to Jean Muggli.

How much does Michael Strahan earn a year? ›

Strahan signed a new contract with ABC in 2016. It was reported at the time that the deal could almost double his "GMA" salary, to around $20 million per year. He re-signed with ABC in 2021, wth Variety reporting the deal was for four years.

Who is the mother of Michael Strahan Jr? ›

Does Strahan have a son? ›

Does Michael Strahan have a child? ›

Do Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan get along? ›

Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan are quite close not only as co-workers but also friends off the air, but both can get competitive at times. Both of them possess the drive of an athlete, and it was definitely at play when Robin confessed to having to "fight" her co-star for a specific interview.

Has Michael Strahan been married before? ›

What does Michael Strahan son do? ›

Who is Michael Strahan married to his partner? ›

What did Michael Strahan say about his daughter? ›

Was Michael Strahan married to Nicole Murphy? ›

Michael Strahan was engaged to Nicole Murphy

Nicole and Strahan got engaged in 2009, but didn't make it down the aisle, splitting in 2014 after reportedly having difficulty balancing bicoastal life (she was based in Los Angeles, while he lived in New York City).

How much does Michael Strahan pay his ex wife? ›

Ultimately, Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli finalized their divorce in 2006. Michael reportedly paid his ex-wife a sum of $15 million, plus child support and half the proceeds of the sale of the family mansion.

How much did Michael Strahan pay in child support? ›


In 2007, Michael was ordered to pay Jean $15.3million in their divorce and $18,000 a month in child support, according to New York Post. He was also ordered to pay $311,150 in back child support. Then in 2020, Michael accused Jean of engaging in a “pattern of abusive conduct” towards the twins.

Did Michael Strahan leave Live with Kelly? ›

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa are both beloved TV personalities and worked with one another for four years between 2012 to 2016 on Live! with Kelly and Michael. However, the pair have both openly spoken about the circumstances surrounding Michael's exit from the show - as well as Kelly's reaction to the news.

How much is Kelly Ripa paid? ›

Ripa makes an annual salary of $22 million each year as a co-host on Live With Kelly, according to Celerbity Net Worth.

How much money does Kelly Ripa make per episode? ›

Kelly Ripa reportedly earns in the $20 million range each year for her role as the senior co-host of Live!. As each season consists of around 257 to 259 episodes, that means she earns around $77,520 per episode, give or take.

How much is George Stephanopoulos salary? ›

George has an estimated net worth of $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The outlet also reports that the anchor is making a salary of around $15 million. His incredible fortune is all thanks to his political career and work as a news correspondent for three decades.

How many brothers and sisters does Michael Strahan have? ›

The GMA star has four siblings. Share this: Michael Strahan often shares family photos of his children – but fans were left stunned when he posted an extremely rare picture of his older brother on Thursday.

Who is Michael Strahan daughter? ›

What happened to Michael Strahan sister Deborah? ›

She died at the age of 58 and had dedicated her life to the church from the tender age of twelve.It was clear from her obituary that the Strahan family had lost someone very special as it read: "Debra was a young woman of many facets, to know her was to love her.

Who is Kayla to Michael Strahan? ›

GMA'S Michael Strahan's long-time girlfriend, Kayla Quick, has a checkered past including a theft arrest. The talk show host began dating the 33-year-old shortly after his split from his fiancé, Nicole Murphy, in 2015. However, Kayla doesn't appear to have the squeaky-clean image fans expected for the GMA frontman.

Why didn t Kelly Ripa get along with Michael Strahan? ›

Having co-hosted the show with Kelly Ripa for four seasons, Michael Strahan announced that he would join GMA as a morning anchor. Kelly Ripa was reportedly “blindsided” by the news, which led to much backlash toward the former NFL player.

What was Michael Strahan salary on Kelly Ripa show? ›

In comparison, Ryan Seacrest, who co-hosted Live from 2017 to 2023, made an annual salary of $10 million, according to Forbes; Michael Strahan, who co-hosted Live from 2012 to 2016; made an annual salary of $17 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth; and Regis Philbin, who co-hosted Live from 1983 to 2011, made an ...

Who did Michael Strahan have kids with? ›

Does Michael Strahan have a son? ›


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