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Thursday, September 27, 1979

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I THE SUN, Thursday, September 27, 1979 C4 TV& radio ABC paid a premium for '84 Olympics ABC won the high-stakes bidding game for the rights to the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles yesterday with an offer of $225 million, one of the largest prices ever paid for a television contract ABC prevailed over the other two commercial networks and two independent bidders. The intense competition for the rights drove the price up to almost triple what NBC paid for 'the rights to the Moscow games next year. The announcement was made in Los Angeles yesterday by Roone Arledge, president of ABC news and sports, and representatives of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (LAOOC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Officially, the price for the rights alone was put af$100 million, with the other $125 million being pledged for "costs related to production and supportive services." But sources at the other networks said division of the costs was an on-paper finesse that made it possible to channel more of the dollars directly into the hands of the Los Angeles committee. The IOC was due to get about one-third of the amount paid for broadcast rights. This way the Los Angeles committee has to surrender only one-third of $100 million, while keeping the entire additional $125 million. It was imperative that the LAOOC secure the absolute maximum in TV dollars to deflect public opposition in Los Angeles to the mammoth costs of putting on the games. The citizens of Montreal incurred a huge part of the burden of paying for the overrruns in the costs of the 1976 games. Opposition from the citizens of Denver to the costs of the 1976 winter games resulted in a referendum that drove the games out of that city and into Innsbruck, Austria. The $225 million bid by ABC represented a quantum-jump in the escalation of Olympic costs since 1972. That year ABC secured the rights to the Munich games for only $13.5 mil- Modern Los Angeles (AP)-The notion that television - any television should be free of charge to the viewing public is resulting in an attack on pay-TV broadcast signals by inventive viewers. Los Angeles, the nation's largest pay-TV market, is a major center of such electronic piracy in which unauthorized viewers manage to intercept programs designed for delivery to paying customers only. And federal officials are lagging far behind the signal snatchers in ways of preventing this newest form of home-video game. The problem facing the video police is that beating your local cable-TV or over-the-air pay TV operator is about a simple as a visit to your local electronics store. According to an in-store advertisement at one area electronics shop, for a mere $13.85 a viewer can purchase nearly 80 per cent of the parts needed to kidnap the signal of local "scrambled" broadcasts. The rest of the parts can be picked up for about $50. And despite the fact that an accompanying Morning 5:14 (41 Faith and Life. S : JO (4) Knowledge. 5 4 QD Inspiration. 5:45 QD Health Field. (56) PTL Club. 5:55 15) Today in Your Lilt. I?) Morning Meditation. 4:00 (4) Health Field. (5) Education. (8) News. Sports. (91 Christopher Close Up. 6 0S (8) Extensions. 6: IS ffl Devotions. CO International Zone. 6:'l (8) American Trail. 45 (8) News, Sports. 6: JO O Ed Allen. ffl Learning to Do. 14 I Daybreak. Afternoon l:0O O r s Company. A dis( ussiim ot Feminism with kttM t a Ann king. Miss Atner-i a of IV4 " QD Hello Baltimore. Eyewitness News. CD1" 18) Mindreaders. (SI News at Noon. ' ( 7 ) Noon News 7. (91 The Young and the Restless. (16) WBOC Farm Report. (501 Captain ?0's World. (56) Villa Alegre. (43) Encounter With Lew Doolittle. 1 7 OS (16) Joker's Wild. 17: JO Of? K)6)(4 Search lor Dv lining 6:00 0 Channel 2 Newscene. Action News. Eyewitness News. CD Get Smart. Q)(5J) Governor's Press Conference. (5)1 Love Lucy. (7) News 7. () 6 O'Clock Report. (9) Eyewitness News. Q.6) Hogan's Heroes. (50) Star Trek. (J6) Vision on II. (43) News, Sports. 4:30 056M3 CBS News. f4Xi) NBC News. ' CD Gomer Pvle. (D(2j Dick Cavett. Wilham Gibson (5) Andy Griffith. (56) Studio See. 7:00 0(4) Newlywed Game. ffl(jl) Tic Tac Dough. (7) ABC News. CD Hogan's Heroes. S3 MacNeilLehrer Report. (5) Happy Days Again. CBS News. (16) Delmarva News, Weather and Sports. (50) Sanford and Son. (56j Over Easy. r lion. ABC then paid $25 million for the Montreal games. NBC reportedly paid $87 million for the Moscow games. It had been rumored for several weeks that ABC was the frontrunner for the Los Angeles package, largely because the network had given every indication of a willingness to outbid all comers. Some of the industry trade papers had suggested that ABC's vast profits over the past three years had given the network the advantage it needed to exclude its competitors by bidding up the games out of their range. Indeed, a source at one of the networks said yesterday that ABC's bid was "at least $40 to $50 million more than anyone else bid." Other sources reported that CBS's bid for the rights was $160 million and NBC's $150 million. The other bidders were the Tandem company, the TV production company headed by Norman Lear, and the Entertainment Sports Programming Network, a new all-sports cable company. Despite the enormous cost of the rights, ABC said yesterday it expects to at least break even on the telecasts of the games. One reason was the expanded coverage planned for the 15-day event. (The games will run from July 28 to August 12, 1984.) Mr. Arledge said yesterday that ABC expects to telecast more than 200 hours worth of the games. That compares to about 150 hours projected by NBC next summer, which was al- pirates vex notice in the store warns customers, "You are taking your own risk to build it," business in the piracy devices is reported to be brisk. One local pay-TV company, however, says it plans to prosecute several individuals involved in the manufacturing or marketing of signal-decoding devices.- L. Stephen Savoldelli, chief operating officer for ON TV, a Glendale-based firm, with more than 200,000 subscribers in the Los Angeles area, said that his company will pursue violators under seldom-used provisions of the 1934 Communications Act. ; ' Responsibility for enforcement of over-the-air signal piracy is in the hands of the Federal Communications Commission, while rules governing cable operations are mainly in the jurisdiction of local municipalities. The Federal Communications Commission, however, readily admits that it has never prosecuted anyone accused of pilfering a pay-TV sig-' nal. . ; ... - .. (5) New Zoo Revue. .. (T) Bauman Bible Telecast. (8) Lewi Family. (?) Evervwoman. 4:45 Eyewitness Sign-On NewsAgricultural News. CD News, Sports. .GDD A.M. Weather. (20) Community News. :SS (D First Three Years. (16) The American Trail. (20) Local and National News. 4 S () News, Sports. 4 58 (?) Coping Today. 7:00 0(1M! Thursday Morning. (DtiKlJdi) Today. . Tomorrow. QD Ryan's Hope. CD Password Plus. (5) Panorama. (8) Noonday on I. (20) Gomer Pyle. (26) Dick Cavett. 1:00 OdM The Young and the Restless. O0( 4XS) Days of Our Lives. 11) All Mv Children.. CD One O'clock Movie "Desiree" (I9S4). Marlon Brando. Jean Simmons, Merle Oberon, Michael Rennie, Cameron Mitchell, Elizabeth Sellars 17 hrs I (?) Eyewitness News. (d Big Valley. 7:30 0 3's A Crowd. Family Feud. ' Maryland LotteryEvening Magazine. , CD Sanford and Son. ffl The Old Houseworks. Hollywood Squares. M'A'S'H. CD tic Tac Dough. PM Magazine. (20) Carol Burnett and Friends. 6J MacNeilLehrer Report. 8:00 0GM3 The Waltons. The family is ambivalent toward two visiting wayward children after discovering the emotional trauma behind the youngsters' unruly behavior Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Buck and Col Wilma Deerlng travel to a distant planet which has been poisoning Earth's pilots, leaving Earth defenseless in the face of a massive attack, by alien invaders Buster Crabbe. Jack Palance. Roddy McDowall. David Groh, Mac-donald Carey CD Laverne and Shirley. Bill Carter pay-TV CD Good Morning America. ' CD Three Stooges. ; fflD The American Story.. Tom and Jerry. (50) Fantastic Four. 7:30 CD Little RascalsOur , Gang. GD Charlie's Pad. (5) Porky Pig. Shazzam and the Herculoids. 7:45 fflgg A.M. Weather. 8:00 0(9)0 Captain Kangaroo. Flintstones. Educational. (5) Flintstones. (50) Bewitched. (56) Lively Arts. "Sea Symphony " Man's relationship to the sea is explored in the performance of Ralph Vaughn Williams' "Sea Symphony " 1:30 0dM3 As the World Turns. (50) Flipper. 2:00 CD The Doctors. ffi One Life to Live. Family Affair. (5 Banana Splits. . 26) Cinema 26 "Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors" (1944). Ivan Nikolai-chuk, Larisa Kadochnikova. (2 hrs ) 2:30 043 Guiding After finagling a vacation by becoming counselors at a fat farm, Laverne and Shirley are forced to deal with black market produce profiteers when thev find so little food on Ihe premises CD Perry Mason. (S(2J The Critics' Place. are: "La Traviala," the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's season opener and "Culture Shock" al Baltimore's Theater Proiect. Jacques Cousteau. "Octopus, Octopus." The enlga-matic care dweller of Ihe sea, the Octopus. (53) Hogan's Heroes. (56) Healthline. "How lo Save Your Teeth." 8:30 Benson. Benson agrees to Impersonate the president of a Third World nation until he learns thai someone is trying lo assassinate the real government leader. ' (20) Rat Patrol. (56) When the Rivers Run Dry. After examining the land and wildlife of the Southwest, this program explores the problem of water shortage, delving inlo various ways in which people dealt with such mailers since - 300 B.C. 9:00 Q(MM$ Barnabv Jones. ready by far the heaviest amount ever tor any Olympics. When asked about the increase and coverage over NBC's effort Arledge said: "The 1984 games will be twice as good as those in 1980. Being in the U.S. and being live, the interest will be huge. I don't know how the others figured their bids, but we decided what we could afford, figured in infla tion, and made our offer." ABC clearly hopes that inflation will continue to drive up the cost off commercial min utes on TV. NBC is charging sponsors $1 million for every 6Vt minutes of commercial time for the 1980 games. Fred Pierce, president of ABC, said the network has already promises of commitments from ABC will need additional revenues to cover its costs in 1984 because it will be work that year and will be required to supply the pictures for worldwide coverage of the games. ABC is also serving as host the games from Lake Placid, N.Y., this winter. Mr. Arledge speculated that additional pro-ducton costs could go as high as another $100 million. The bidders who lost out to ABC reacted placidly to the news of ABC's successful ac-quisiton of the rights yesterday. CBS had no official response. NBC issued a statement that congratulated the LAOOC for completing the rights negotiations so successfully and wished ABC well on its coverage. Privately, many sources at the other networks expressed disappointment but conceded that ABC simply had the bucks to go higher in the bidding than anyone else. o In conjunction with Pope John Paul II's visit to the United States, WBAL radio will broadcast a three-act play written by the Pope when he was a young priest in Poland. The play, entitled "The Jeweler's Shop" will air Sunday from 4.05 to 5 P.M. It is a study of marriage and the meaning of love. The major roles will be played by Don Ameche and Kevin McCarthy. The music will be provided by the choir of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. o Speaking of the Pope's trip, all three local TV stations plan extensive coverage of the historic visit, beginning Monday in Boston. Channel 13 is promising "live coverage" of the Pope from Boston on Monday and Philadelphia on Wednesday, in addition to cut-ins of the Pope's day in Washington on Sunday. Jerry Turner and a crew will travel with the Pope from Boston to Philadelphia. Channel 11 will also have reports from Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, though it will use the pool coverage and not send its own crew for live reports. It will send reporters Jayne Miller and Joe Krebs however. Channel 2 does not plan to send reporters to cover the Boston or Philadelphia legs of the trip, but will cover the Pope extensively when he is in Washington. Chanel 2 will send at least two crews and its helicopter to cover the Pope's activities in the capital. Today's Television : .Eg Josie and the Pussycats. (26) Lilias, Yoga and You. 8:30 QS Gilligan's Island. Personal Time Management. ' Bullwinkle. 'Brady Kids. (56) MacNeilLehrer Report. 9:00 0 Romper Room. UKf) Donahue. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader explores the process ot : lobbying the government, explaining how constituents can make their congressmen more responsive on such critical issues as inflation, the energy crisis and health care. Laverne and Shirley. Light. CD Another World. Battle of the Planets. (20) Lancelot Link. 3:00 General Hospital. CD Munsters. Bugs and Popeve. (20) Woody and Popeve. 3:30 One Day at a Time. CD Dr. Who. G32D Meeting Leading. Tom and Jerry and Friends. (50) Krofft Superstar Hour. 4:00 O Tom and Jerry and Friends. CD Mighty Mouse and While on a visit to Maui, Hawaii, lo help an old law school chum, J.R. is arrested for dope smuggling and murder. CD Barney Miller. "Vacations." Barney has his hands full when a rash of false alarms plague Ihe department, Dietrich and Harris are at each other's throats over a vacation schedule and two brothers gel into an argument over a kidney donation. CD Prime Time Movie "Moby Dick." (19S4). Screen adaptation of Herman Melville's classic. Tyrannical Captain Ahab, master of whaler Pequod, becomes tragically caught in his own quest for vengeance and destruction. Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, Orson Welles. (2 hrs.) CD Greaseband. Wearing outfits ranging from satin jackets and khakis lo gold lame tuxedos, this rock 'n' roll band performs Ihe hits, from the 'SOs and early '40s including "Al the Hop," "Blue Moon" and "Surfin' U.S.A." Merv Griffin. David Brenner, Doc Severinsen, the Richie Family, Gred Evigan. (3) Movie Twenty "Apache" (1954) A bitter battle develops between an Indian tribe and Ihe U S Cavalry and a pacifist Indian learns lhal might makes right. Burt Lancaster, Jeem Peters, John Mclnllre, ChVlei Bronion. (2 hrs.) ' of coverage in both cost next year, Mr. been receiving sponsors. the host net network for CD Partridge Family. Q7dD Educational. Dinah. I Love Lucv. (T) 520,000 Pyramid. QF) Donahue. Award-winning designer Hal-ston previews his line of tall sportswear. (T6) Donahue. Antrhopologist Ashley Montagu discusses nonverbal communication and its impact on -the spectrum of human relationships from meetings with strangers to intimacy. (20) Channel 20 Club. (56) Sesame Street. D 700 Club. 9:30 Gong Show. 520,000 Pyramid. Friends. (T6) Edge of Night. CD Flintstones. (BdD Mister Rogers. Gong Show. , CD Four O'clock Movie. Merv Griffin. McLean Stevenson, Vincent Price, Daniel Mirassou, Jackie ' Collins, Igor Askinazi, Slacv Tutton. Mike Douglas. Co-host: Donna Pescow. Garry Marshall, Mike Connors, B.J. Thomas, Diana Nyad, Jimmy McNichol, Michele Tobin, -Mel Alison. (56) Sesame Street, -v (43) Bugs Bunny. 4:30 O Good Times. It's Not the Man, It's the Plan. 9:30 CD Soap. Benson and his commandos are captured bv Ihe Sunnles, Mary's new nightlife is bringing on a nervous breakdown, and Saul decides to help Burt escape from the aliens. (5J World of Franklin and Jefferson. 10:00 ffl Quincv. Qulncv investigates the death of a iockev when he learns that the man's demise allows his rival to ride for an owner whose undis-i tinguished stable keeps producing winners. CD 2020. GB(3J Gertv, Gerty, Gertv Stein Is Back, Back, Back. Pat Bond stars In a one-woman portrayal of literary heavyweight Gertrude Stein who, reminiscing about her life, spins tales about such famous friends as Picasso, Matisse, Hemingway, and Gurdiieff. Ten O'Clock News. Masterpiece Theatre: Love for Lvdia. While writing a story on Ihe eccentric Aspen family of Even-ford, Edward Richardson meets and asks out shy Lvdia, who ultimately brings love and tragedy to four men. Mel Marlin. (Part 1 of 12.) y Kim Blaney, Baltimore CD Love Lucv. Mv Three Som. CD Edge of Night. (20) Romper Room. 10:00 0 Three's A Crowd. CD Mary Tyler Moore. People Are Talking. Jane Fonda and Tom Havden talk about inflation and energy. CD Card Sharks. Leave It to Beaver. CD 10 a.m. Washington. Morning Break. 700 Club. (26) Sesame Street. 10:30 0 Joker's Wild. CD Hollywood - Squares. CD Dinah!. ' CD Happy Days Again. MiTte Douglas. Co-host: Donna Pescow. Garry Marshall, Mike Connors, B.J. Thomas, Diana Nyad, Jimmy McNichol, Michele Tobin, Mel Alison. CD Three Stooges. CD'S) Sesame Street. Newhart. Flintstones. Bewitched. (53) Batman. Gilligan's Island. 5:00 0 All In the Family. CD Carol Burnett and Friends. CD Gilligan's Island. Mary Tyler Moore. 11:00 O Channel 2 NewScene: Update. Action News. Eyewitness News. CD I Love Lucv. GDdD Family Portrait. Newscenter 4. M'ASH. "The Long John Flap." News 7. , ' 11th Hour Report. Eyewitness News. WBOC TV News, Weather and Sports. (53 Benny Hill. (43) News, Sports. 11:30 0 Movie "Columbo: Identity Crisis." (1975). Peter Falk, Patrick McGoohan, Leslie Nielsen, Otis Young, Bruce Kirbv, Vito Scotli. (1 hr. 4min.) ffl Tonight Show. Police Woman. . CD Film Festival "Frankenstelns's Daughter." (I9S9). John Ashley, Sandra Knight (I hr 30 min.) ffl(5J Captioned ABC Evening News. Odd Couple. The Movies "The Valachl Papers." (1949) Charles Bronson. (2 hrs.) Twilight, Zone. Father Knows Best. (O Whew!. 10:5$ CBS News. 11:00 03MS Price Is Right. QD High Rollers. QD Match Game. Love, American Style. CD Laverne and Shirley. All New Beat the Clock. Mister Rogers. 11:30 CD Wheel of . " Fortune. QD Family Feud. Dating Game. Love of Life. (20) Ross Bagley. (26) Electric Company. Superman. (T6) Bonanza. (50) Star Blazers. (5J Mister Rogers. (D) Bionic Woman. 5:30 0 5:30 News. MASH. CD Chico and the Man. (5J Electric Company. Newscenter 4. The Bradv Bunch. CD News 7. Carol Burnett and Friends. Eyewitness News. (56) Gilligan's Island. (5J Villa Alegre. Dick Cavett. 12:00 Perry Mason. (5 PTL Club. 12:37 Baretta. 1:00 ffl Tomorrow. CD News, Sports. Mission: Impossible. 50) Moon Man Connection. 1:18 O Movie "Banacek: The S3 Million Piracy" (1973). George Peppard, Tilos Vandis, Arlene Martell, Don Knight. (1 hr. 38 mln.) 1:45 Eyewitness Recap. Reflections. 1:55 Late Show "A Talent For Loving." (1949). Richard Widmark, Cesar Romero, Topol. (2 hrs.) 2:00 ffl F. B.I. . Faith and Life. . Journey to Adventure. News Headlines. 2:05 One Minute With Your Bible. 2:54 0 Channel 2 Newscene Wrap-Up. (4) One Moment of Meditation. J:00 ffl News Headlines. 3:03 ffl Devotions. -3:26 O Bjble Reading. 3:55 Inspiration. . Radio Directory News Reports On me hour-WBAL, WCBM, WCVT, WEBB, WBMD, WBMD-FM, WFBR, WITH, WVOB. 45 minutes ot the hour-WPOC. On the half hour-WFBR, WITH, WBAL, WAYE, WVOB. 10 minutes of hour-WJRO. 5 minutes of hour-WCAO, WWIN, WMAR-FM. IS-minute ixwscasts 7 AM -WBAL, WITH. JAM -WBAL, WITH. Noon -WBAL. 5 PM -WITH. 4 PM -WBAL, WCBM, WITH. 10-minutt newscasts Throughout day -WCVT 2-hour newscasts 4 30 PM -WBJC-FM. Briefs every hourj WLIF. Throughout day WEAA-FM Station Identification AM Radio WANN 1190 khz. Rhythm, blues WAYE 840 khz Big band music. WBAL(NBC) 1090 khi. Popular. WBMD 750 khz. Religious and country. WCBM 480 khz All-time hits. WCAO(ABC)400 khz Contemporary, popular. WEBB 1340 khz. Rhvlhm, blues. WFBR 1300 khz. Popular. WITH(CBS) 1230 khz. Standard pop. WJRO(ABC) m khz Adult contemporary WLMD 900 khz. Allium rock. WSID 1010 khz. Soul with news at 20 and .50. WTOW 1570 khz Religious programs and social commemarv. WVOB(ABC) 1520 khz. Standard pop. WWIN(ABC) 1400 khz Rhythm, blues. WNAV 1430 khz Top 40. WYREBlOkhz Comemlorary. FM Radio WIYY 97.5 mhz. Album -oriented rock. WBJC(NPR)915mhz. Classical, iazz, and Information. WCVT 897 mhz. Rock, lazi. classical and educational. WBKZ 94 mhz. Adult contemporary music and stereo. WITH 104 3 mhz Good music. WEAA INPRI 68.9 mhz. Progressiva iazz, contemporary, soul. WKTK 105.7 mhz. Disco. WLIF 101.9 mhz Good music. WLPl 92.3 mhz. Contemporary rock albums. WMAR 106.5 mhz Popular In stereo. WNAV 99.1 mhz. Good music. WPOC 93.1 mhz Mod country stereo. WRBS 95 1 mhz Religious music. WXYV 102.7 mhz Disco slereo music T.GJ.F.isonemore reason to look forward to Fridays ., . ' THE SUN For Convenient Home Delivery Call 539-1280. In Maryland, Outside Toll-Frae Area, Call 1-800-492-5020.

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